Health-related quality of life from the perspective of patients with chronic heart failure

Br J Cardiol 2007;14:207–12 Leave a comment
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The aims of treatment in chronic heart failure are to reduce symptoms, improve function and prolong life. Currently there is no patient-centred health-related quality of life measure in chronic heart failure. The aim of this study was to explore health-related quality of life from the perspective of patients with chronic heart failure and to identify themes for inclusion in a patient-generated instrument. 

Semi-structured interviewing of patients with an objective diagnosis of chronic heart failure was undertaken. Analysis of the transcripts identified seven themes on health-related quality of life. These were: changes in physical ability, emotional state, self-awareness and self-perception, changes in relationships, symptoms, maintaining social/lifestyle status and cognitive aspects. 

Findings from this study will contribute to the development of a patient-led health-related quality of life measure for use in everyday practical care in a chronic heart failure population.

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