Ischemic heart disease

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This book is aimed at cardiologists as well as more general medical practitioners wanting to improve their knowledge of this area.

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Editors: Falk E, Shah PK, De Feyter PJ
Publisher: Manson Publishing, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-84076-052-1
Price: £85

The subject of ischaemic heart disease is very extensive and the authors set out to cover epidemiology, pathogenesis, investigations, diagnosis, treatment and prevention in a succinct and easily understandable manner. Topics are logically reviewed with all areas discussed in reasonable detail. This gives the reader the opportunity to gain understanding and an up-to-date knowledge of the subject. The illustrations and clinical images are of a high quality supplementing the various topics well, helping readers get to grips with complex subject material.

I especially enjoyed the chapters looking at investigations of ischaemic heart disease. The material here was particularly well set out. Starting with simple techniques, such as the interpretation of ECGs, the authors then go on to discuss more complex and newer procedures such as cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. In addition to a thorough review of clinical uses, potential clinical implications and possible drawbacks for the future are also considered critically.

In some places, however, the authors perhaps do not go into sufficient depth for the intended readership. This proviso notwithstanding, overall this book provides very good coverage of the subject matter. I can warmly recommend this book, on the one hand to cardiology trainees and clinicians who want to expand there understanding of ischemic heart disease, and on the other for all medical practitioners as an invaluable reference book.