PAH module 1: introduction, classification and pathology

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Revised programme

Dr Shareen Jaijee

Dr Shareen Jaijee is the Lead for Cardiovascular Medical Affairs at Astra Zeneca and Honorary Consultant Cardiology and Clinical Lecturer for Imperial College NHS Trust, at Hammersmith Hospital, London. She trained in medicine at Adelaide University, Australia where she qualified in 2004 and trained in Cardiology at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney, Australia, completing in 2012.

Dr Jaijee commenced her PhD studies with Imperial College/Sydney University in 2013. Her PhD thesis is on Exercise Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Acute and Chronic Pulmonary Hypertension and will be awarded in 2016. Furthermore, she is undertaking a Masters in Medical Leadership with Birkbeck University/The Royal College of Physicians, London, focusing on work-life balance and gender issues within the Cardiology medical workforce in the UK.

Her other professional interests include teaching under and post-graduate students at Imperial College, as well as volunteering as a ‘Health Heart advisor’ for the British Heart Foundation.