Iron deficiency in heart failure: Introduction

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This supplement was fully funded by an unrestricted grant from Vifor Pharma UK Limited. The content of the articles was independently developed by the authors and according to a brief agreed between Vifor Pharma UK and the BJC. Vifor Pharma reviewed the final version of each article for Code Compliance only. Prescribing information for Ferinject ▼ (ferric carboxymaltose) can be found here.

Job code: UK-FCM-2100010
Date of preparation: January 2021

This supplement marks 10 years of experience with intravenous irons in the treatment of iron deficiency in heart failure. It reviews and discusses:

  • – the epidemiology, mechanisms and guidelines for treatment of iron deficiency in heart failure
  • – the treatment of iron deficiency in UK patients with heart failure and how to set up an intravenous (IV) iron therapy service
  • – iron therapies, particularly the latest IV irons, including their efficacy, tolerability, side effects and differences
  • – the patient’s experience showing the beneficial effects of IV irons on quality of life and symptoms.


Prevalence, causes, diagnosis and guidelines for treatment
Mohamed Eltayeb, Vishnu Ashok, Iain Squire

United Kingdom treatment of iron deficiency in heart failure: are we missing opportunities?
Chun Shing Kwok, Sarah McDermott, Sadie Bennett, Simon Duckett

Intravenous iron therapies and their differences
Paul Foley

Iron deficiency – the invisible comorbidity in HF: prioritising QoL as a target for treatment
Jacquelyn Hooper, Nick Hartshorne-Evans, Colin Cunnington, Fozia Zahir Ahmed

Iain Squire


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