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    SEP, 2020
    Sep   Sep
    12th Advanced Symposium on Congenital Heart Disease in the Adult

    Start: Monday 21st Sep 2020 - End: Tuesday 22nd Sep 2020 Venue:  

    ACHD Virtual 2020

    Advancing the care for the most common, global, inborn defect

    21 – 22 September 2020

    The focus of the 2020 Meeting will be on Heart Failure and End-Stage CHD. As with previous years, there will be a plenary session in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in association with Congenital Heart Disease, plus two extended case discussion sessions.

    • End-Stage Congenital Heart Disease: The High or Moderate Risk Groups/Prognostication
    • Advances in Diagnostics/Aids to Prognostication and/or Therapy of End-Stage CHD
    • Congenital Heart Disease for ALL
    • Real World Cases and the Patient Journey
    • The Secret of Success of Heart Failure Therapy: A Lesson for ACHD?
    • Exercise, Body Habitus and other Life-Style Issues in ACHD
    • Rapid Fire Session: Therapies for ES CHD, Evidence vs Aspiration
    • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and ACHD
    • Plenary Session in PAH-CHD

    Find out more here:

    Sep   Sep
    Intravenous iron in cardiovascular patients

    Start: Tuesday 29th Sep 2020 - End: Tuesday 29th Sep 2020 Venue:  

    Free Cardiorenal Forum Masterclass Series webinar

    Tuesday 29th September 2020
    18.00 – 19.30 BST (GMT +1)

    Many patients with chronic and acute heart failure suffer from iron deficiency, which greatly affects their quality of life. It can reduce their exercise capacity and feeling of well-being.

    Using oral iron products in heart failure is ineffective but newer intravenous iron products show good efficacy. They can improve six-minute walk test distance, peak oxygen consumption, New York Heart Association functional class and quality of life. It is also thought they help reduce hospitalisations for heart failure and cardiovascular mortality rates.

    So it is important that we accurately diagnose iron deficiency in our heart failure patients and optimally treat it.

    This webinar aims to update you with current thinking on iron deficiency in heart failure, its prevalence, clinical impact, current guidelines, treatment options and practical tips on service implementation. A practical demonstration will also be given on how to optimally infuse iv iron.

    Learning objectives

    • the physiological role of iron in the body
    • iron deficiency, causes and investigations
    • how to interpret iron studies - ferritin to transferrin saturation (TSAT)
    • Iron deficiency in cardiovascular patients: how common is it and how is it associated with outcome?
    • intravenous iron - when to give it and potential patient benefits
    • practicalities of intravenous iron infusion
    • running an iv iron service - what you should know.

    Find out more on the Cardiorenal Forum website

    OCT, 2020
    Oct   Oct
    A practical approach to improving clinical outcomes with cardiorenal disease

    Start: Friday 9th Oct 2020 - End: Friday 9th Oct 2020 Venue:  

    Free Cardiorenal Forum Autumn webinar

    Friday 9th October 2020
    12.30 – 14.00 BST (GMT +1)

    This webinar partially replaces some of the topics that would have been discussed at this year’s Annual Scientific Meeting.

    The webinar can only be attended by healthcare professionals to whom it is offered free of charge. It is aimed at anyone treating the cardiorenal patient particularly those working in heart failure, cardiology, nephrology, diabetes, care of the elderly, general medicine, general practice, clinical pharmacy and allied disciplines.

    Find out more on the Cardiorenal Forum website

    Oct   Oct
    21st South Asian Health Foundation (SAHF) Global Virtual conference

    Start: Thursday 15th Oct 2020 - End: Thursday 15th Oct 2020 Venue:  

    Diabetes and Multimorbidity, challenges and education in a Global Pandemic

    Now in its 21st year, this long-standing and illustrious 1-day meeting will focus on innovative research, novel treatment options, and management of South Asian patients treated for diabetes within the UK health services.

    This conference is free to attend for all healthcare professionals (HCPs) globally working within primary, intermediate, or secondary care settings and who manage South Asian patients with diabetes.

    Register here

    Oct   Oct
    Care of the cardiorenal patient: a focus on RAAS inhibition and management of hyperkalaemia

    Start: Thursday 22nd Oct 2020 - End: Thursday 22nd Oct 2020 Venue:  

    Free Cardiorenal Forum Autumn webinar

    Thursday 22nd October 2020
    18.00 – 19.30 BST (GMT +1)

    We have been listening to your feedback that you would like more case-based and practical learning so we are delighted to be able offer this new webinar, led by experts in the field, that will discuss the practical approach to the management of hyperkalaemia in patients with cardiorenal disease.

    This will include the approach to broad-spectrum presentations, from those with potentially life-threatening hyperkalaemia through to the impact of high potassium on the use of prognostically important renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) inhibitors. Using case examples, they will discuss and guide on how to optimally manage such patients and avoid pitfalls that might have adverse consequences. Wherever possible, local pathways will be used and multidisciplinary discussion encouraged.

    At the end of the webinar, delegates will have learned/contributed to multidisciplinary discussion around the following topics:

    • The prevalence of hyperkalaemia, its potential causes, presentation, and association with adverse outcomes
    • The prognostic benefit of RAAS inhibitors in patients with chronic heart failure and those with CKD and how hyperkalaemia may influence their prescription
    • The role of potassium binders in managing acute hyperkalaemia and facilitating the use of RAAS inhibitors
    • What guidelines say
    • Review of local guidelines – are they contemporary?
    • Practical advice on how to manage hyperkalaemia in hospital and in the community
    • Multidisciplinary discussion around case histories including special groups, and clinical questions

    Find out more on the Cardiorenal Forum website

    NOV, 2020
    Nov   Nov
    American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2020

    Start: Saturday 14th Nov 2020 - End: Monday 16th Nov 2020 Venue:  

    Saturday 14th November 2020 - Monday 16th November 2020

    Dallas, Texas, USA

    Nov   Nov
    British Society for Heart Failure 23rd Annual Autumn Meeting 2020

    Start: Thursday 26th Nov 2020 - End: Friday 27th Nov 2020 Venue:  

    Thursday 26th November 2020 - Friday 27th November 2020

    Vision for heart failure

    The BSH Annual Meeting will cover the latest scientific research, data and the best clinical practice in heart failure care. The conference will be taking place virtually using cutting edge technology bringing you multimedia content from a specialist, internationally renowned faculty.

    This event will cover core areas of interest to all health professionals responsible for the care of heart failure patients.


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