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    JAN, 2021
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    Digital delivery of care for cardiovascular conditions

    Start: Tuesday 19th Jan 2021 - End: Tuesday 19th Jan 2021 Venue:  

    Cardiovascular webinar

    Learn more about how you as a clinician can use a range of digital aids for providing care to patients with atrial fibrillation and/or hypertension - to screen or prevent deterioration and/or manage their care. Help to empower patients to take more responsibility for their cardiovascular condition

    Why participate?:
    Hear from clinicians across England as to how they have used an AliveCor lead 1 or lead 6 device; and how it has been adopted at scale across 120 practices in Staffordshire – with great outcomes.
    Hear from a digitally enthusiastic GP how they’ve used a 14 day holter in his practice to diagnose paroxysmal AF and other cardiovascular conditions.
    Learn how augmented reality apps such as Know My Beat (helping person check their pulse); and Know My Heart (helping patient diagnosed with AF understand their condition/self-care) work too.
    Find out more about using interactive text messaging for blood pressure management from frontline nurses, encouraging patient-self care at home.
    Get the insights on connecting and using a digital stethoscope – for a realtime consultation in a GP surgery and Care Home; and from national GP lead Dr Minal Bakhai, a junior doctor and cardiology consultant Dr Thanh Phan.

    Join the live Q&A panel with Dr Minal Bakhai, Dr Ruth Chambers OBE and cardiology nurse Kevin McGibbon

    To book a place via Eventbrite please click here
    Then the MS Teams link will be sent out to registered participants via Eventbrite nearer to the event

    Jan   Jan
    Cardiovascular SIG meeting 2021

    Start: Friday 29th Jan 2021 - End: Friday 29th Jan 2021 Venue:  

    This event is intended for clinicians and healthcare professionals working with older people in acute and community settings. The day will include keynote presentations from experts in the field, workshops and plenary sessions demonstrating best practice approaches available. We hope you will make contacts and start collaborations which will continue on from this meeting.

    Registration is open now

    Why participate:

    • Understand more on the key areas & challenges faced in geriatric medicine
    • Hear focused presentations on core areas of the geriatric medicine
    • Present the latest scientific research to British Geriatrics Society members and elected officers
    • Attend small group workshop sessions
    • Network & socialise with other healthcare professionals over 3 days

    Early bird registration expires on 29th November


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