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October 2019 Br J Cardiol 2019;26(4) Meeting report

News from ESC 2019

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress is the world’s largest meeting of cardiovascular professionals. This year, more than 32,000 delegates from over 150 countries attended the Congress, held in conjunction with the World Congress of Cardiology in Paris, France, from 31st August to 4th September 2019. The theme of this year’s Congress was ‘Global cardiovascular health’ as discussed by ESC President, Professor Barbara Casadei (British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence, University of Oxford). A global approach to cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention is needed now more than ever with, for the first time in decades, an increase in premature CVD mortality rates in Western Europe. Additionally, as 80% of CVD deaths are in lower- and middle-income countries – and this will increase as obesity and diabetes rates soar – global approaches are an urgent priority. Here we provide an overview of key clinical trials and other news from the congress. Authors include Dr Richard Armstrong (Cardiology Research Fellow, St James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland), Dr Amar Puttana (Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield) and members of the BJC team....

Updates from the American Diabetes Association 2019

September 2019 Br J Cardiol 2019;26:88–9 Meeting report

Updates from the American Diabetes Association 2019

With recent developments in medications and their clinical implications, the worlds of both diabetes and cardiology were focussed on the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Scientific Sessions, held in San Francisco, USA, from 7th – 12th June 2019. Key trials included REWIND, the PIONEER programme, and CAROLINA, as well as updates from DECLARE-TIMI and CREDENCE. In addition to major cardiovascular outcome trials, other highlights included studies with vitamin D, type 1 diabetes prevention and type 2 diabetes in youth. Dr Amar Puttanna reports....

September 2019 Br J Cardiol 2019;26:90 Meeting report

News from the BSH 21st Annual Autumn Meeting

‘The heart failure multidisciplinary team’ was the theme for the 21st Annual Autumn Meeting of the British Society of Heart Failure (BSH), which took place from 29th-30th November 2018 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London. BSH Chair, Dr Paul Kalra (Portsmouth), welcomed delegates to another stimulating programme, put together by Dr Lisa Anderson (London), Mrs Louise Clayton (Leicester), Mr Paul Forsyth (Glasgow) and Professor Iain Squire (Leicester). Dr Richard Baker reports some of the meeting highlights....

September 2019 Br J Cardiol 2019;26:91

In brief

We are delighted to welcome two new editorial board members to The British Journal of Cardiology: Drs C Michael Gibson and Amar Puttanna...

July 2019 Br J Cardiol 2019;26:118 Online First

Correspondence: The growing problem of coronary artery disease in Bangladesh: an early CABG experience

Dear Sirs, Coronary artery disease (CAD) remains a leading cause of death worldwide and is highly prevalent in Bangladesh, however, we lack robust epidemiological data. Conventionally, atherosclerotic CAD is more prevalent in the elderly population.1-3 Bangladesh, however, has a relatively young population, yet, it has the highest rate of CAD and is the least studied of all the South Asian countries....

May 2019 Br J Cardiol 2019;26:50 Meeting report

Quick takes from ACC.19: The American College of Cardiology 68th Annual Scientific Sessions

The American College of Cardiology (ACC.19) Annual Scientific Sessions represents one of the most exalted venues for investigators to present the latest studies that could potentially impact cardiology practice. Held in New Orleans, US, from 16th – 18th March 2019, Drs Gerald Chi, Syed Hassan Abbas Kazmi and C Michael Gibson give their 'quick takes' from the meeting and summarise the main results from six landmark studies presented there: PARTNER 3, Evolut Low Risk, MOMENTUM 3, AUGUSTUS, COACT, and the Apple Heart Study....

May 2019 Br J Cardiol 2019;26:49

New infective endocarditis information card available

A new infective endocarditis information card is available to help healthcare professionals meet the latest guidance for this condition....

May 2019 Br J Cardiol 2019;26:52

In briefs

This new high-sensitivity troponin 1 assay (Vitros®, Ortho, pictured below) can deliver first troponin results in 15 minutes and can also identify low-risk patients who may be safely discharged. It is hoped it will help reduce the cost of care and alleviate the burden on hospital resources....

British Geriatrics Society Cardiovascular Section Statement

February 2019 Br J Cardiol 2019;26:9

British Geriatrics Society Cardiovascular Section Statement

On behalf of the Committee of the British Geriatrics Society Cardiovascular Section (BGS CV Section), we are delighted to announce that the British Journal of Cardiology (BJC) is now an official journal of the Section and perfectly complements our affiliation to our main BGS journal “Age and Ageing”....

February 2019 Br J Cardiol 2019;26:10

London begins NHS video consultations in cardiology

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust is the first NHS Trust in the country to offer video consultations for cardiology patients so they get specialist advice without travelling to hospital....


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