Optimising hypertension treatment: NICE/BHS guideline implementation and audit for best practice

Br J Cardiol 2013;20(suppl 1): S1–S16doi:10.5837/bjc.2013.s01 5 Comments
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Sponsorship Statement: The costs for this meeting and the development of this report were met by a financial grant from Takeda UK Limited. The costs of the faculty’s honoraria and travel expenses were also met by Takeda UK Limited. The supplement was written by a medical writer commissioned by BJC, Sue Lyon, and the faculty all reviewed the supplement before publication. Takeda UK Ltd also reviewed this supplement for technical accuracy and compliance with the ABPI Code of Practice before publication. Takeda UK Ltd had no editorial control over the production of the supplement and no input into selection of attendees or the discussions during the meeting itself. The topics to be discussed during the meeting were determined by the BJC but shared and agreed by Takeda.

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5 thoughts on “Optimising hypertension treatment: NICE/BHS guideline implementation and audit for best practice”