The principles of MyAction

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Insights from the world of cardiology

The programme is implemented according to national evidence-based guidelines and local policies.

The programme integrates primary and secondary prevention in one programme and recruits all those who will benefit the most, i.e. patients with vascular disease, those at high risk of developing disease, and the close family members of the above, and takes into account the groups in which the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and risk factors is the highest.

The programme is family centred and so recruits the spouse and/or others close to the patient in order to maximise the potential for adoption of positive healthy behaviours.

Wherever possible, the programme is based in a community setting and adopts a flexible approach, which allows easy access to the people from the community targeted for the intervention, especially when that community includes vulnerable and deprived groups.

The focus of the programme is on the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits using behavioural strategies and expertise from a multi-disciplinary team (nursing, dietetics, physiotherapy, exercise, psychology, cardiology).

Effective prescribing of cardioprotective medications is ensured with the use of protocols to facilitate the management of blood pressure, lipids and diabetes to goal, and also with dedicated nurse prescribers, cardiologists and general practitioners.

The MyAction model of preventive cardiology care
The MyAction model of preventive cardiology care
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