Pulmonary hypertension in UK clinical practice: an update

Br J Cardiol 2015;22(suppl 1):S2–S15doi:10.5837/bjc.2015.s01 Leave a comment
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Sponsorship Statement: This supplement is based on the proceedings of a roundtable meeting held at the Royal Society, London, on 17th December 2014. The meeting was convened by the British Journal of Cardiology (BJC), who approached Actelion Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd for support. Actelion had no input into the content of the meeting or in the selection of the participants but provided an unrestricted grant to cover the meeting costs, honoraria and travel expenses, the services of a medical writer and the development and distribution of this supplement by the BJC. The faculty all reviewed and approved this supplement before publication. Actelion also reviewed the supplement for product-related technical accuracy.

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